Kaspersky lab LogoKaspersky Lab is a computer security company, co-founded by Natalya Kaspersky and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997, offering anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-intrusion products. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine also powers products or solutions by other security vendors, such as Check Point, Bluecoat, Juniper Networks, Sybari (now acquired by Microsoft), Netintelligence, GFI Software, F-Secure, Clearswift, FrontBridge, G-Data, Netasq, and others. Altogether, more than 120 companies are licensing technology from Kaspersky.

Job Title: Usability Auditor and Project Coordinator

Duration: May 2010 to May 2010


  • Recruiting users for testing the US version of the Kaspersky Web portal
  • Plan and conduct the user testing with 30 users within 5 days. Conducted both user interviews and eye testing (used eye movement recorder)
  • Analyzing the data received from the usability sessions and the eye movement recordings
  • Recommendations made to improve the user experience and usability of the web portal
  • Reports were prepared and results were presented in the local office and the HQ