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Truth. Inspiration. Distillation. Execution. They are experienced entrepreneurs who work on projects where technology can address societal or industry needs, solve meaty problems, or satisfy deep cravings. Or just for fun. They work as a team to design, build and operate companies as co-founder or outsourced incubator. They also provide a la carte advice and interim management in strategy, planning, finance, product management and business development.

Job Title: Usability Auditor & UX Engineer (Intern)

Duration: Sep 2010 to December 2010


  • Plan and conduct user research, usability evaluation. Conduct user log data analysis to make design inferences
  • evangelize SDLC to UCD process; stakeholder in web accessibility
  • Conduct, design and moderate user testing to evaluate concepts, prototypes and developed modules before deployment
  • Conduct field studies to bridge the gap between user requirements and product specifications