UPI LogoUPI is a team of highly efficient and specialized professionals who are creative and passionate about end users. We can help you in gaining the knowledge of the perceived needs of your target group(s), and the knowledge about the unconscious needs that result from their everyday usage. We are specialized in conducting and analyzing the usability tests across the world over different platforms (web, desktop, mobile etc.)

Job Title: User Experience Lead

Duration: April 2010 to present


  • Prepared, facilitated, analyzed and reported all the research efforts across the US division of the company
  • Created valid user research plans for a variety of usage scenarios. Tested various ideas and quickly turn around results based on tight deadlines
  • Gained expertise in ecommerce usability testing practices, including running usability test and analyzing findings as well as information architecture principles
  • Understand and work within project parameters: client goals and requirements, internal goals, usability, technical constraints, as well as budget and schedule